Ozora Waste Transfer Station Permit Application

Atlanta Regional Committee (ARC) application for the proposed Transfer Station Project.

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Gwinnett 2040 Unified Plan

“The Unified Plan provides a blueprint for the County’s growth and development over the next two decades. Input from residents and other stakeholders was balanced with technical analysis by the experts of demographic information and other data to create a vision of a preferred future for the County,” said Board of Commissioners Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash. “It anticipates future needs and establishes our short-term and long-term goals. The 2040 Unified Plan also ties several other plans into a single, coordinated vision so that everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction.” For more detailed information go to

Gwinnett County Unified Development Plan:  Title 2 Land Use and Zoning

Georgia Environmental Protection Division: Solid Waste Technical Guidance

Gwinnett County Government Quality of Life Division's Purpose Statement

"The Quality of Life Unit is dedicated to educating and informing citizens of the codes and ordinances established for the county by the Board of Commissioners, which set minimum requirements and standards regarding property and structures to promote and protect the public health, safety, convenience, order, and general welfare of all its citizens. These minimum standards are designed to preserve and improve the quality of life for present and future citizens of the county and promote a sense of community, preserve the sanctity of the family, facilitate quiet and peaceful neighborhoods, limit congestion of motor vehicles, and control transiency." For more information go here:

Economic Impact Study done in Carbondale,IL

Economic Impact study done in 2007 on communities near a transfer station. The average impacted area is 1.8 miles from ground zero. The average decline of property value for the first .6 mile area is a minimum of 6% to 8% which equates to $15k to $20k reduction or more. Properties past that point would still be impacted up to $15k. This would mean that there would be a significant drop in value of all properties between the proposed site and Cooper Elementary/McConnell Middle going one way and all the way to Hwy 81 in Walton Co. going the other way. There would still be a drop in values all the way to GA20 and beyond in Loganville/Grayson areas. This would potentially affect properties all the way up to New Hope Road, Tribble Mill Park and Archer High School areas. 

Waste Transfer Stations: Involved Citizens Make a Difference

Waste Transfer Stations: A Manual for Decision Making

Gwinnett County Solid Waste Ordinance

CEDS (Community &  Environmental Defense Services

Protecting Neighborhoods & the Environment from Landfills, Transfer Stations & Other Waste Facilities

NYC Landfill Health Report

Oconee - Walton Water & Landfill Project Connections

What happens when a community doesn't fight.


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