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"My subdivision is right next door to Cooper ES, across from McConnell MS. The traffic on Ozora now, is probably more than it was ever intended to see. More subdivision’s going in, the new police station (which I am thankful for) and now they want to add a trash dump with 18 wheelers going up and down this road, where our families are traveling daily. Do you know how many times a day I hear sirens on this road already...remember the fire department is your first responder when 911 is called. How many of you living on Ozora Rd. or nearby, have needed a first responder to your house...we have. They arrived very quickly, but put large trucks blocking the roadway, I’m not sure that response time will be as quick. Thus putting lives in jeopardy!!!"

~Janice Blackwell VanWagoner

"I live off of Shannon rd. I have a seven year old who already suffers from asthma. What will this do to him and others who already have upper respiratory issues. I'm fearful of what will happen to all of our breathing health if this happens!" 

~ Kelly Buck Walker

"My husband and I built our dream home here In 1998. It was a beautiful, green and sleepy area of Gwinnett. We planned to enjoy our retirement here until we could no longer care for our home. We hoped to then be able sell In order to collect enough equity for the rest our days. You see I was a nurse for 30+ years here in Gwinnett. We don't get a pension or healthcare benefits when we retire. Know that my body has suffered the strains of a public service career, now I get to watch my retirement income be stolen from us. I was thinking, we're good citizens. We had a plan, we paid into an IRA and bought to augment our income so as not to be a drain on our children or community. Now I feel the community is against us. No matter, they are just old and washed up. No need to protect them. They don't really contribute to the community anymore. Well, I'm getting the hint Gwinnett, however, I still have hope that Gwinnett will stay true to their plan of providing a wonderful place to live. Please do not rezone 985 Ozora Road to allow heavy industry into our residential area."

~ Dixie Savage

"I purchased my home in 2012. I live in Tribble Mill Cove at Chandler Rd and Ozora Rd. I bought in this area for the sole fact that Archer is a wonderful cluster and there are numerous parks to enjoy recreational activities and that this is a safe and relatively quiet area. I was planning ahead at the time of my purchase for my future children to be raised in the best community. Seven years later, I have a four year old who will attend Cooper ES in a years time. He and I can often be found at Bay Creek Park. He rides his bike while I run and he loves to spend time at the skate park riding his balance bike. We also frequent Tribble Mill Park, which is walking distance from my house via the service road. I run on Ozora Rd often and can not imagine the congestion becoming even worse for such a residential area. One of Gwinnett’s themes in the 2040 plan is to keep Gwinnett a Preferred Place to live. Let’s hope that the commissioners uphold this theme and commitment at the upcoming meetings."

~ Laura Duffy

"We bought our home in Timber Valley Subdivision in 2000 we love the area we have worked so hard on our home my husband is a disabled Vietnam Veteran he has a lot of health issues from Agent Orange . We don’t need to smell rotting trash and see Rats and other rodents they love trash we have 2 nice parks to enjoy and we have schools lots of children live in these neighborhoods we as parents and grandparents and great grandparents always want to protect our homes and families from harm this waste transfer station will harm our families and neighborhoods we have got to all work together to stop this!"

~ Joyce Givens Thornton

"My husband spent 22 years in the Marine Corps. During that time we decided to wait and buy a home until it could be a forever home. That was a year ago and we made the single largest investment of our lives. Now one year later we face disaster and the possibility of losing a huge chunk of that investment. 
I have four children. All of whom go to the three schools in the Archer cluster. My younger daughter is an asthmatic. I am terrified. 
My older daughter is a new driver who would be traveling the same roads as the trucks when she drives to school. This whole thing has my stomach in knots. I wish I never moved here. It was supposed to be our dream and the thought of this makes it a nightmare."

~ Farah Garcia

"Seeing that I live in Kensington Forest and my cul-de-sac backs up to the proposed Garbage Transfer station, my family and myself will be greatly impacted.  We purchased our home on Templeton Drive 5 years ago and it was everything we wanted.  Our backyard is our escape.  Our backyard is where we spend the most valuable time as a family and with our friends. It breaks my heart to sit outside and listen to the silence of the morning with my cup of coffee knowing that the continuous sounds and smells could be a reality in our future.  It scares me for the wildlife I often see and for our creeks and streams.  It terrifies me for my teen drivers and the future of all of the drivers around here, Ozora is NOT an industrial road. It scares me on the impact this can have on all of our health.  It angers me that the applicants live no where around here, yet they just want to transform our neighborhood and community at OUR expense.  This is not ok.  THIS IS OUR HOME!"

~ Amanda Leftwich


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