We appreciate all the community leaders who have officially opposed rezoning 875 Ozora Road from R-100 to M-2 for a waste transfer station. Together, we hope to keep Gwinnett a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

Georgia State Senator P.K. Martin IV District 9

Since being elected to the Senate, I have attempted to refrain from engaging in local zoning issues. But the proposed transfer station on Ozora Road is a line in the sand, and I cannot stay silent. I vehemently oppose the zoning request in a residential area with numerous neighborhoods, schools, and infrastructure challenges. My opposition to the zoning proposal is about doing what’s best for our families, their homes, and their quality of life. While I can’t decide this issue in the Senate, I can loudly say it’s a bad idea and stand with the hundreds of constituents that have reached out to me to voice their concerns. I encourage county officials to listen to their constituents as I have done. 

During my time on the Lawrenceville City Council, I stood up for homeowners and taxpayers by stopping bad zoning decisions and supporting good ones to protect our quality of life. I continue to stand up for our community and work with citizens, local governments and our business community to make sure Gwinnett County and District 9 continues to be a great place to live and raise a family now and for generations to come.

Georgia State Representative Donna McLeod 
District 105

Using this [875 Ozora Road] land for the purpose of transferring garbage is a complete disregard for the investments made by the residents. This is an area with several subdivisions, we have young families with children as well as retirees, to say this is a bad idea, is an understatement. Rezoning this land for commercial use makes absolutely no sense, this is strictly about greed. Currently, Ozora Road has two lanes, one going up and one going down. Traffic in this area is already unbearable, so having heavy trucks maneuvering on this already tiny roadway will only exasperate the traffic condition. Quality of life will be reduced by the stench of garbage and property value will plummet. This is a bad idea in any area where residential property already exist.
Stop the waste transfer station on Ozora Road!

Georgia State Senate Candidate Nikki Merritt
District 9

As a mother and a resident living within 4 miles of the proposed Ozora Road Waste Transit Facility, I am deeply concerned about the negative impact on my community's quality of life and environmental health. The site under consideration by our Gwinnett Board of Commissioners sits right outside Cooper Elementary School, McConnell Middle School and within a few miles of Archer High School. Situated within the same location is one of the largest parks within Gwinnett County. It is irresponsible of our board to entertain rezoning for an industrial waste disposal facility effectively knocking down trees and flourishing wildlife. The current land is zoned for residential development, other options exist in other Gwinnett County locations already zoned for industrial use. Doing so is an insult to families who chose to invest their life in a peaceful, beautiful, safe community. 

According to research published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, "Health is at risk for those who live within 3 miles of a landfill site." "Results showed a strong association between Hydrogen Sulphide (used as a surrogate for all pollutants co-emitted from the landfills) and deaths caused by lung cancer, as well as deaths and hospitalizations for respiratory diseases. The results were especially prominent in children."

I stand firm with my community and my District in the opposition to the rezoning! All effected neighborhoods and subdivisions have my full support. The efforts of Southern Sanitation to sell out our community for profit will be met with strong opposition. We will hold our Board of Commissioners as well as the Gwinnett Planning Commissioners accountable for their vote. We will not stop our efforts until all options have been exhausted. I plan to be present for the community meeting on May 23rd, 7pm at Graystone Church - Loganville, as well as both the Gwinnett County Planning Commission hearing on July 2nd and the Board of Commissioner's meeting on July 23rd.

Georgia State Senator Curt Thompson District 5

In the past couple of weeks, the news has reported on a proposed rezoning to place a waste transfer station off of Ozora Road. This is a residential area and near the county’s largest park--the epitome of Gwinnett's "live, work, play" mission. It's inappropriate for this outside company to attempt to locate their waste transfer station here. I stand with the people of Ozora Road and urge the County Planning and County Commission to reject this rezoning and not place this facility in a residential area.

Gwinnett County Commission Candidate Jasper Watkins III
District 3

The health, welfare, and quality of our communities should never be compromised. Likewise, the voices of our communities should not be ignored. The proposed solid waste transfer station on Ozora Road in Loganville would degrade the excellent neighborhoods in the area and stand in opposition to the desire of nearby resident families.

These are the moments when citizens should be able to turn to their County Commissioner or the Zoning Board as a defender of their interests. The proposed rezoning isn’t merely about a business or solid waste. It is a question that demands an answer from our county leadership: “Are we willing to place a company in our neighborhoods that could harm the health and happiness of families.

The answer, of course, should be a loud and echoing “no!”

I call on the Gwinnett County Planning Commission to speak as clearly in rejecting the proposal for the solid waste station. That’s the right thing to do, and it’s good leadership.

Gwinnett County Commissioner Candidate Derrick J. Wilson
District 3

As a parent, I have great concerns about the Ozora Road waste transit facility being approved within our community. The current site being considered by the Board of Commissioner is right outside one of the largest parks within the county and situated right outside an elementary school and middle school and in the middle of a neighborhood.

According to a May 2016 article provided by Oxford University Press, Science Daily,"research has shown a strong association between hydrogen sulfide (used as a surrogate for all pollutants co-emitted from landfills) and deaths caused by lung cancer, as well as deaths and hospitalizations caused by respiratory diseases. The results were especially prominent in children... Respiratory symptoms were detected among residents living close to waste sites. These were linked in inhalation exposure to endotoxin, microorganisms, and aerosols from waste collection and land filling. This is consistent with other studies; however, the association between living proximity to landfill sites and causes of lung cancer is a new finding."

I stand with the residents of Lakeview Plantation as well as the Homeowners Association President, Daniel Potter, that to put this location right outside neighborhoods in proximity of schools as well as parks, is not only irresponsible but detrimental to the health and well being of the residents of the area, especially the children. I plan on being at both the Gwinnett County Planning Commission hearing on July 2, and the Board of Commissioners' meeting on July 23 in support of the residents in the area and the residents of District 3.


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