Contact Community Leaders

As a station will impact the region, we should also engage the leadership of Grayson, Snellville, Loganville, Dacula, and Lawrenceville.

Our surrounding city mayors need to make a public statement on where they stand on this issue #StopOzoraRezoning

Please email them and ask where they stand:

Grayson Mayor, Allison Wilkerson

Snellville Mayor, Barbara Bender

Loganville Mayor, Rey Martinez

Dacula Mayor, Trey King

Lawrenceville Mayor, Judy Jordan Johnson

Tips on Constructing Your Email

• Be factual, not emotional

• Don't use someone else's email

• Email all of the commissioners

• If they respond thank them for their response

• Be respectful

The Process

It is important that everyone understand the process.  Anyone can file a permit. Chuck Warbington cannot control that and does not have the power to refuse a permit.  It is due process to go through the Planning Commission first, they make a recommendation to the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors makes the decision.  We will be respectful to our county leaders.

Atlanta Regional Committee

The Atlanta Regional Committee (ARC) has asked us to contact Ashley Nichols from Gwinnett County Planning and Development with your concerns. She will be compiling a report to be presented to the Planning Commission and Board of Directors.


Planning and Zoning

Chuck Warbington


If you would prefer to write a letter or make a phone call:

Gwinnett County Department of Planning and Development
One Justice Square
446 West Crogan Street
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners

Please wait until after the reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission to email

You may copy and paste the emails below into a bcc in your email:

It's important that you email all of the commissioners, not just the one in your district.

Charlotte Nash

Chairman, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners
(R); 2020

Jace Brooks

District 1 Commissioner
(R); 2020

Ben Ku

District 2 Commissioner
(D); 2022

Tommy Hunter

District 3 Commissioner
(R); 2020

Marlene Fosque

District 4 Commissioner
(D); 2022


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