Stop The Ozora Waste Transfer Station


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Developers and co-owners of the property, Darron Britt and Buddy Ray Johnson, owner of Walton County based Southern Sanitation, have filed to build a Waste Transfer System at 875 Ozora Road. The site backs up to residential neighborhoods on the north and west side and is only a mile south of Tribble Mill Park. This project will require the property to be rezoned from a residential classification to M-2, "a heavy industry district."  A special use permit will also be required.

Two schools, McConnell Middle and Cooper Elementary, located along Ozora Road-- as well as the entire Archer and parts of the Grayson cluster-- will be sharing the same routes trucks will take to deliver trash to the Waste Transfer Station. Neighborhoods back up to the site, traffic will be heavy, roads will not withstand the excessive use of heavy trucks, the smell can travel as far as 10 miles, and rodents and pests will be drawn to the site.

Property values will plummet.  The residential area will take on an industrial feel. Roads will be unsafe.  The air will be tainted. Children and general quality of life will be at risk.



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